Security Services


For any security job big or small Tactical Division clients can expect professional and qualified security guards to protect office buildings, high rise buildings, construction sites, warehouses, shopfronts as well as retail stores and outlets. Tactical Division’s static security guards have been trained to provide clients, customers or staff both safety and security. Our security guards and staff are trained and able to neutralise a security threat quickly and effectively. We only retain staff who we feel are brilliant in their own areas of expertise, we capitalise on their experience and make sure our clients are supplied with the service they demand.

Experience with our current clients have been an ongoing factor in determining the effectiveness of having our security guards.

At Tactical Division we work with you to reduce risks and potential problems which can reduce both short term and long term costs, not only costs on site but also reduce public liability costs as well as becoming a deterrent to would be thieves, vandals and criminals.

Our static security guards are all briefed before an assignment and supervised to ensure they are carrying out their duties and roles to the best of their ability.

Our streamlined and stringent recruitment measures mean we are hiring the cream of the crop and providing our clients with the exact staff they need.

Our transparent and honest accounting team ensure you are never paying for services you did not request hence saving you time and money.

We provide a new system of providing the best services for the most competitive price which has previously never been offered by other security companies.

Our flexible and professional staff are available 24/7 for enquiries or to resolve any issues you may have.

You will discover that Tactical Division is an honest and hard working organisation that focuses on building an ongoing working relationship with our clientele. From our Director down you will find that we are at all times eager to work with you to provide you with the best and most suitable security service. Our managers are experts in their field and can provide you with honest advice regarding your needs.

What We Do: