Cash Escorts

Tactical Division’s security cash escort service ensures the safe transit of your valuables. Based in Sydney we provide customers peace of mind that the service is carried out by professionals who are trusted and have a proven track record in demonstrated safety, security and awareness. Tactical Division can transport your personal or business assets with detailed reports and response times at each checkpoint. Drivers are trained with threat evasion systems and security guard escort staff understand and implement methods to avoid a potential hazard. A Tactical Division security escort guard can provide a fast, efficient and effective method to transport and accompany valuable items or inventory both for personal and business.

Wether it is your daily banking, inventory safeguarding or cash collection from multiple locations, we can tailor a cost effective escort service that suites every requirement. Tactical Division have provided the security escort service for schools, jewellers and many large corporations and even individuals who needed to ensure the safety of travel for their valuable items from point to point. Tactical Division has also provided a plain clothed security escort service / undercover security service to guide and accompany expensive shipments, cash, jewellery and even costly medical supplies safely and effectively. Our vehicles have also been civilian vehicles to ensure we avert attention and danger.

Clients and customers are able to speak to a security expert during business hours to obtain advise free of charge. The information provided is of course absolutely confidential and is given as a guide to help ensure the safe passage and guarding of valuables.

For more information contact 1300 685 850