Office Assistant

Office assistants can be a major help in clearing backlogs of clerical work or helping business and company owners stay on top of the day to day operations of the business.  Whether it is a temporary increase in workload which requires a temporary staff solution or you want to fill a permanent vacancy Tactical Division can help source the perfect peron to fit your business requirements.

We find professional, skilled office assistants fast.  Even the most basic general clerical or administration tasks require personnel who are proficient in the use of the right administrative software.  We test all our candidates on their skills in a range of software and word processing packages to ensure the right staff go into the right roles.

Office and administration staff are proactively sourced using our many diverse avenues of sourcing options, We recruit and deploy experienced hard working intelligent staff to help build your business

Please call us to find out if we have the right candidate ready for you.

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