Alarms Sydney

Tactical Division’s advanced security alarm monitoring system can be tailored to both residential and commercial properties. Our current service and response times to emergencies are the difference between a security risk and a security breach. With reliable and honest pricing both new and existing customers can benefit from our services and the best alarm service prices in Sydney.

New Sydney Customer?

A security alarm with back to base monitoring within sydney is the best way to ensure your property is protected both from external and internal threats wether you are on or off the site. Commercial customers can benefit from knowing what times their property has been accessed and exited by giving users multiple passwords and identities. The service also acts as a guard against after hours damage and break ins which usually results in the loss of valuable posessions.

Residential customers have sound knowledge that their property and valauble possessions remain safe when away. Our monitoring division is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Notifications can be sent both via phone or sms for potential breaches or issues and thorough reports provided both on and off site. For further safeguarding of a property a security operative can be sent when required, as part of our security patrol service, who can conduct an internal check with alarm resetting if keys are held or just an external check.

A licensed security technician is provided to quote your property on installation of a new residential or commercial security alarm and monitoring setup. Tactical Division still use only the best security equipment and latest technology which gives our customers value for money. Our expertise and advise is free and a quotation can be setup anytime on 1300 685 850.

Existing Customer?

Customers who are currently using an alarm monitoring service can have the service transferred if required. Simple and easy. A technician can attend site to obtain identification and usually have the service switched onto our network quickly and without disruption to your home or business. Many clients notice the difference in service almost immediately. Tactical Division Sydney securiy alarm monitoring services are reliable, honest and professional. 

Adding value to the Sydney service Tactical Division provide free consultations, site visits as well as on and offsite Sydney security alarm testing. We guarantee the relaibility of our service and are happy to supply a free competitive quote on 1300 685 850