Venue Security

We pride ourselves on providing professional, reliable and friendly security services to new and existing clients. As a first impression is usually the most important Tactical Division security guards work hard on leaving good lasting impressions and work even harder on avoiding negative or intimidating attitudes. Tactical Division’s focus on customer service enables us to be a forerunner as a venue security provider. Our security guards provide a professional and reliable security service by adopting professional personlaised interactionswith guests and visitors to the venue and adopting impeccable presentation skills whilst on site. We are also at the forefront of providing a strong security presence to all of our current client’s venues.

The Tactical Division Venue Management Model and our company expertise gives every venue the ability to safely conduct their operations without a security risk or breach. Our venue security guards are qualified, experienced and carefully recruited to ensure security provision is carried out efficiently and effectively.

Our pricing structure is set to be in-expensive whilst still providing proven service and management skills.

For any Hotel, Pub, RSL, Leagues or Bowling Club Tactical Division’s venue security service is one that recieves mention above our competitors time after time.


  • Our service pricing is guaranteed to be lower than our competitors
  • Our service and commitment is as strong as the day we first commence providing our services right until contract renewal
  • Tactical Division managers will identify venue requirements, then aim to deliver above and beyond those requirements
  • Our venue security guards understand the concept of looking after venue locals and regular patrons we manage these relationships with care and understanding
  • Tactical Division employs experienced and reliable security guards
  • We can provide services outside of a security scope i.e. customer service, concierge and gaming staff
  • Our security services are reliable
  • Our security guards are highly trained and can neutralise potential issues quickly and effectively
  • Our efficient security management system ensures clients are not over charged for their security services
  • We continually micro manage staff and perform visits to site to ensure the standard of service is not compromised

With many years of experience we pride ourselves in providing highly trained and effective security solutions. With customer service as our main focus we are able to effectively manage a situation prior to it’s escalation with little to no disruption to your business.