Corporate Security Services

Tactical Division is a specialist in providing an effective security measures to businesses and individual industry professionals. Tactical Division provide professional security guards as well as electronic security solutions to protect property and staff. Our services range from callouts to dedicated security teams managing volatile situations such as the dismissal of a disgruntled employee or lockout of an unwanted tenant from a property. The instances as to why our service is engaged may vary but the professional and discreet service remains the same.

Some of the services that Tactical Division are able to offer are:

  • Building and construction site security

Greencard licensed security guards managing access and safekeeping of property or personnel

  • Office security

Concierge security staff signing guests and visitors into building and allowing access to contractors and staff as well as deterring unwanted visitors 

  • Corporate security

Professional security guards and personnel who can not only manage premises but also stand as a dedicated security response to all matters security related

  • Executive Protection

These services include private personalised protective services which are carried out by our bodyguarding team. Assignments vary from VIP protection from death threats and discriminatory voilence to AVO court escorts and media / privacy protection for high profile clients.

  • Covert Security

Under cover security operatives who can manage theft related issues, as well as undertake covert security operations to deal with internal staff issues.

With a great deal of flexibility our business and corporate security solutions can help reduce liability and insurance premiums while adding a essential element to your business needs.

For any requirements outside of these fields Tactical Division can tailor a service to help individual businesses and staff and their unique circumstances.

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